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Checking into an Airbnb can be a stressful way to start a trip. The guest has to learn a unique set of steps written by the host on how to get into their stay. Sometimes this information is sent from the host in a message. Other times guests have to dig through house rules within their reservation details.

After speaking with guests during user research, there were three pieces of information that almost everyone called out as being critical to a successful check-in: directions to the stay, how to get inside, and how to connect to the wifi. This project aimmed to simplfy the trip experience and bring that important check-in information up front and available all in one place.

This project was part of Airbnb's 2021 announcement and will be rolling out to guests throughout the summer.

A screenshot and illustration of a couple in a modern treehouse overlooking a dense jungle, ocean, and mountains in the distance
Arrival Guide on day of check-in
A screenshot showing the address, map, and directions to a stay
Quick access to address and directions
A screenshot showing a photo of the outside of a home with instructions on how to find it
Hosts provided step-by-step check-in guide

Simplifying the Trip experience

In addition to the new Arrival Guide, I redesigned the Trips tab where guests go to find all their upcoming and past trips. Previously, it took up to 3 taps for a guest to get to all the details about their reservation details. I refreshed the visuals and flatted the information architecture to bring that flow down to a single tap.

A screenshot showing two upcoming reservations, one for a stay in Los Angeles, and one for a cooking experience
Simplified Trips tab highlights upcoming reservations
A screenshot showing a list of experiences and some of the guest's recent stays
Suggested Airbnb experiences near the guest's stay
A screenshot of a list of the guest's recent and canceled stays
Easy access to past reservations

Accessing everything about the reservation

Finally, I redesigned the reservation details page which contains everything about the guest's reservation, including managing who's going, payment details, and house rules. Along with a visual refresh, I updated the page narrative and structure to align to the guest's journey. Now, information guests need to know before, during, and after their trip is displayed in that order.

A screenshot with an details for an upcoming stay
Simplified reservations details page
A screenshot with reservation details and actions to change the reservation
Quick actions allow guests to modify their reservation
A screenshot showing house manual and house rules for an upcoming stay
Access to all the useful information while on-trip

An improved guest experience

In the first few weeks after being launched, the Arrival Guide and simplified Trips tab has helped increase usage of the app while on trip and reduced contacts to customer service. The biggest improvement has been to 5-star reviews, which has historically been a very challenging metric to improve. It's clear that guests now have the important information in hand, can easily navigate the check-in experience, and have a better stay overall.

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